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Meet Jesse

VOTE on or before April 18th

Dr. Jesse L. Nelson

Senior Pastor, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Panama City

Mayor, Lynn Haven, FL

Board Member, Anchorage Children’s Home and Salvation Army

Member, Florida League of Mayors, 14th Judicial Circuit Human Trafficking Task Force, and Pastor United of Bay County

Volunteer Chaplain, Panama City Police Department

*Home Rule Hero, Florida League of Cities


Hi neighbor, I’m Jesse Nelson, Mayor of Lynn Haven. I want to ask you a question, are we better today than we were two years ago? Two years ago, our citizens expressed concerns regarding our city’s debt, city charter, stormwater issues, and citizen input. I took these concerns seriously.

By the end of 2023, our debt by will be reduced 13 million dollars without raising ad valorem taxes. We have revisions for the city charter on the ballot to vote on this April. We have invested millions of dollars to reduce stormwater problems and budgeted nearly 8 million dollars this year for future flood reduction.

I hosted town halls to receive feedback from our citizens, and we created the Mayor’s Youth Council, which enables young people to engage with local government and have a voice in our city.

I worked with the City Manager and staff on the Rails to Trails Project, rebuilding our City Hall and Police Station, and re-opening our Sports Complex with new ballfields, gymnasium, and pickleball courts. The last two years have proven that “we are greater, together.”

Our path to remaining Bay County’s Best City requires continuously improving our quality of life, safety, and security for all of our citizens. I will continue working with the City Manager and staff to establish relationships with existing businesses, attract new businesses, maintain our parks, and offer exceptional programing and events for all of our citizens, especially our youth and seniors.

I will continue working with the City Manager, Staff, and the Financial Review Committee to ensure we stay on track to reduce our debt by 22 million dollars in the next four years.

I will continue advocating for state and federal funds so we can complete our plans for the 10 upcoming Stormwater Projects and expansion of our Wastewater Treatment Center to prepare for our city’s growth.

I humbly ask for your vote on or before April 18th.

Let’s Keep Moving Forward, Together!

Jesse Nelson

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