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VOTE on or before May 18th


Restoring Public Trust

My experience as a community leader and pastor has taught me that it is impossible to lead people without trust. Our city government needs the community's trust. As mayor, I will work on restoring this trust by making transparency, accountability, and accessibility a priority.

Preparing for the Future

Although Hurricane Michael devastated our city and the pandemic has delayed our progress, together, we can rebuild our city better than it was October of 2018. I believe economic development and repairing the city’s infrastructure are essential for rebuilding our great city.

Quality of Life and Safety

We are blessed to live in a great city; however, we can make Lynn Haven greater, together. I believe our path to greatness requires continuously improving our quality of life, safety, and security for all of our citizens. Our seniors, children, and families need a safe and fun place to live, work, and play.

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